General inquiries
  1. I lost my ticket or the email confirmation, what do I do?
    If your tickets are lost or can’t find the email confirmation, simply check your email junk/spam folder and if you still can’t find the ticket(s), please email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Can’t find my tickets” and our team will re-send you the same tickets to the same email address registered or was used to purchase the ticket(s).
  2. How do I know that I got my tickets?
    After completing the purchase and you are successfully redirected to ticketfolks.com homepage. Ticketfolks.com will automatically email you the confirmation email along with your e-ticket(s) attached.
  3. I don’t receive emails from ticketfolks!
    Sometimes email don’t make it all the way to your inbox for several reasons. The most assured way you receive our emails is to add us to your email whitelist.
  4. I can’t make it to the event, can I get a refund?
    Refunds will not be accommodated once the transaction is completed. Refunds may be offered in the case of event cancellation only.
  5. Can I sell my ticket?
    Tickets purchased from ticketfolks.com must not be sold through any other platforms nor listed on sale through third party channel. Tickets which are found listed or sold through other channels will be immediately cancelled and invalid for entry.
  6. Can I buy my tickets from a physical outlet?
    Currently the only method of purchase is through our website directly “ticketfolks.com” no other channel of sale. There may be physical presence of our team at the box office at the day of the event.
  7. Can I get a discount?
    Discounts are not given out in public. Ticketfolks.com does not offer discount at its sole discretion, discounts may at times be available on case to case basis. Should the owner of the event wish for ticketfolks.com customers to receive a discount. Ticketfolks.com will communicate it via different methods/channels.
  8. I can’t complete the transaction, what can I do?
    There are several reasons for the inability of completing a transaction. We advise you to contact us at [email protected] explaining the steps you have taken to purchase the ticket(s) and at which point you are unable to complete the transaction. Our team will assist you and advise you further.
  9. How can I buy tickets for special needs/people of determination?
    All venues and events we sell tickets for can accommodate. Please contact us at [email protected] in order for our team to guide you further.
  10. How can I buy more than 10 tickets?
    Different events may have different limits to tickets. In the case of you wishing to proceed with beyond what the limits offer. Kindly contact our team at [email protected] and our team will be able to assist you getting more than the limits offered on the website.
  11. What does checkout or view basket mean?
    Your basket will allow you to see what ticket(s) you have added before completing the purchase. If you wish to proceed you may checkout then
  12. How can I change my ticket(s) before checking out?
    You can simply edit the ticket(s) added in your basket view option and cancel or remove some of the ticket(s) you wish not to proceed with.
  13. Can I buy ticket(s) from my mobile?
    Yes, our website is responsive and accessible from different devises.
  14. Can I buy tickets to multiple events in the same transaction?
    Yes, you can add ticket(s) of different activities/events/experiences to the same basket by going back to the home page and selecting the new event you wish to buy ticket(s) for.
  15. How do I go back to homepage?
    You can simply click on the main centralized logo on the header of our website.
  16. How can I sign-up and become one of the folks?
    On the top right-hand corner of the website header, you will see a generic icon of a person. Click it and fill all required details to become one of the folks.
  17. Can I gift tickets?
    Yes, you can. During the checkout process ticketfolks.com will ask you whether you would like to gift the ticket(s). fill-in the details of the giftee and ticket(s) will be immediately sent to the person upon completing the purchase.
  18. What does share with friends mean?
    Ticketfolks.com allows you to complete your transaction and assign every ticket to a different person you wish to send the ticket to. Choose share with friends option and fill-in the required details in order for ticketfolks.com to send the ticket(s) on your behalf to your folks.
  19. What does a Wishlist mean?
    We always like to hear from our folks on their dream act. Help us know more what acts you would like to see perform live, and not only acts, but different suggestions and experiences and ticketfolks team will try to make it happen!
  20. What does a waitlist mean?
    If there is an event announced but yet to go on-sale and you are interested to know when do tickets go on-sale. Use the waitlist option to share your details with us to enable us to notify you once tickets are available publicly.
  21. Who is Eventactix?
    Eventactix Is our sister company and ticketfolks is powered by it. Eventactix is an agency based in Dubai that specializes in B2B Event Management services. You may reach out to Eventactix at [email protected]
Covid related
  1. Do I have to be vaccinated to attend an event?
    Vaccination may be mandatory to attend selected events. Please read the “more info” in the event page to know whether or not you need to be vaccinated.
  2. What does social distancing mean?
    Social distancing is a measure that is implemented to ensure the health and safety of the audience attending the event. If the event is seated, there will be a gap between you and others attending the show.
  3. Do I need a face mask to attend an event?
    It is always safer to keep a safe mask on. During the event, it is the organizer duty to assure you whilst attending whether a face mask is required at all times during the performance or not.