Terms & Conditions:
  1. By purchasing ticket(s) you automatically accept and agree to the Terms & Conditions of Ticketfolks.com, the policies of the venue in which the activity/event is held and the law and regulations of the country/city where the event is taking place.
  2. Ticketfolks.com has the full right to change and update the terms and conditions at anytime without any prior notice. Any changes to these terms and conditions will automatically apply on ticket buyers or holders.
  3. Ticketfolks.com has the right to send your ticket(s) by any method and the ticket is also referred to the entry pass or any other terminologies in which grants you an access to the event after presenting it for verification.
  4. Ticketfolks.com has the right to cancel the ticket(s) purchased immediately in case there was an error with the pricing of the event if the customer did not agree to paying the balance.
  5. In case a specific section/category/price has a limited capacity or selling fast in which the ticket buyer fails to complete the transaction or pays and not receive the ticket(s), ticketfolks.com will not compensate or be responsible for the inability of such scenario nor can get the same seat/ticket.
  6. Refunds and exchanges will not be permitted once the transaction is completed, the event organizer/owner/promoter/venue has the sole discretion to accept or refuse the refund or exchange of ticket(s)
  7. When completing the payment to ticketfolks.com, ticket(s) will be sent/issued/generated. The payment confirmation does grant your entry/attendance to the venue/event/activity.
  8. The confirmation email does not grant your entry/attendance. Only the ticket(s) you receive officially by ticketfolks.com through any method of delivery or form that being either a printed physical ticket(s) or an electronic ticket(s)/e-ticket(s) will allow your entry post ticket(s) verification.
  9. Ticket(s) can be gifted, shared and offered to family members and friends. Any alteration, duplication or amendment will lead to immediate cancelation of the ticket(s) and refusal of entry to the event.
  10. Any changes, alteration, damage, amendment to the ticket will lead to immediate cancelation and the ticket(s) will then no longer be valid to use for entry. Refunds in such cases are not permitted nor any sort of compensation. It is the full responsibility of the ticket(s) holder/buyer to treat the ticket(s) like cash.
  11. The original buyer referred to the person who has paid and received the ticket(s), the holder of ticket(s) is not necessarily the original buyer.
  12. Any lost ticket(s) should be reported immediately to ticketfolks.com team at [email protected] Lost ticket(s) will be immediately cancelled and will not be valid. Re-issuance of a new ticket(s) is only permitted upon the verification of the original buyer. Attempting to re-use the lost/stolen ticket(s) will lead to refusal of entry of both the newly issued and lost/stolen ticket(s). refunds or compensations are not permitted in such case.
  13. Ticketfolks.com and its staff/representatives/employees or any associates will not be liable or responsible to any changes in the event or activity of which ticket(s) were purchased for. This includes changes in date(s), time(s), ticket price, location, act, event/activity name, program, content, age limit and venue.
  14. Prior to entering the event/venue, the Ticket(s) holder/buyer must verify the ticket(s) through Ticket ticketfolks.com or any other authorized representative. The ticket(s) holder/buyer maybe asked to present original valid identification.
  15. Any listing or re-selling of any ticketfolks.com issued ticket(s) on non-government-authorized website or outlet will lead to immediate cancellation of the ticket(s) and refunds or compensations will not be permitted.
  16. Ticketfolks.com is not responsible for additional charges that may occur by banks or payment gateways. Ticketfolks.com will not bear the cost of any hidden/additional fees and is not responsible towards any additional charges.
  17. Any misuse or violation towards ticketfolks.com website, social channels and other channels, its staff/representatives/employees or any associates will not be tolerated and ticketfolks.com has the full right to restrict or prohibit the user completely from using its services
  18. Covid & restrictions
    In case of any pandemics such as covid-19 or any other pandemic, ticketfolks.com is not responsible for refunding the ticket(s) unless the promoter/owner/organizer/venue of the event decides to do so. No claims to be made for such cases.